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High Quality Wear-resisting Technology To Excort Your Equipment
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Shandong Qi Shuai wear-resistant equipment Co., Ltd is located onetime capital of the state of Qi -, Linzi, close to 309 National Highway and Jiqing expressway, the geographical position superior, is specialized in High-performance alloy spraying-welding wear-resistant processing, microcrystalline Zirconia-Corundum wear-resisting lining board and high performance alloy casting of high-tech professional production enterprises. After years of development, the company has gathered considerable technical strength and experience in product development, manufacturing and installation area.

Wear-resisting experts is the escort of your equipment

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Wear resistant alloy steel plate
Wear resistant alloy steel plate
Wear resistant alloy steel plate
Wear resistant alloy steel plate

We are the leading manufacturer of wear resistant equipment, we adhere to the way
" Quality first, fine technique " business philosophy, we continuous innovation of technology, has nearly 10 years of
experience in the design and development.

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